Dr. Martin Luther King Remembered

Today at theportcitynews we look to honour the legacy of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his dream of justice and equality in America and in effect the entire democratic world. Over 50 years ago Dr. King inspired a generation to come together to stand for freedom in the face of segregation and discrimination. Today we celebrate that spirit because every generation inherits its own injustices and Dr. King is a reminder that each of us can make a difference for the communities and causes we care about most with burning passion.

A man whose  dream clearly articulated what gives meaning to our individual and collective life, the need to stand strong for equal right,justice and respect for rule of law.

We can,one for all and all for one make a difference in our local communities and spheres of influence about causes that we care about without resort to violence.
Fighting corruption,injustice,criminal vices that beset our communities, giving direction to the strayed and confused among us. Volunteering to offer a hand of peace,understanding and cooperation for our common development without prejudice to tribe,ethnic origin,religion and social affiliations.

As our elections approach and we seek good governance and endearing democratic culture for our society,We ought not to be bystanders in the issues that determines our destiny and peaceful co-existence and future. Democracy is not a spectator sport we need more than ever before to participate and entrench good governance.

If you have come to believe that angry posts on social media( Facebook,Twitter, YouTube) et al are the only way to make a difference I am pleased to let you know there is a better way to connect. Whether you are interested in freedom, the arts, education, politics,entrepreneurship, inequality, technology, citizenship, zoning, restructuring ,voting , the environment or sports there is an organization out there where you can put your time and talent to good use for the benefit of all to see.

Dr. Martin Luther King plays pool in Chicago on February 17, 1966 Courtesy ELLE

The portcitynews offers you the platform to air your views and passion for your beloved community just as  Dr. Luther, we offer you the olive platform to let people know your views and informed opinion on how to make a change in your society without resort to savagery and violence. No one on earth is entitled to an uninformed opinion .

Portcitynews salutes the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, We thank you and other activists alive and gone for the personal  sacrifice for the promise lands you all have been granted the vision to see and we earnestly look forward to for our future unborn generation, where equal opportunities, peace,justice and respect reigns.




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